Existing Home Sales Skyrocketing!

With increasing home values and a growing availability to entertainment and food, Raleigh area homeowners are choosing to update rather than upgrade. As people are becoming more financially stable and the economy in North Carolina, specifically Raleigh, continues to grow we expect to see a desire to sell a current place of living in order to upgrade to a newer and more modern style home. The difference is that while the economy is growing and home values are rising, the access and convenience of being close to shops, restaurants, entertainment, movies, and sports is becoming more of a priority than a larger, newer home. What most folks are doing is making the decision to perfect or renovate their existing home. So instead of putting money into purchasing a newer house, many are expanding their existing homes, adding pools, gardens, porches, driveways, home theaters, etc. If you are one of those people looking for renovation ideas check out our pinterest for hundreds of ideas to personalize your home the way you want it, even if you are on a budget.