Shipping Containers For A Home? Yes!

Have you ever thought about having a house made of shipping containers? Yeah, me either, but this texas landowner thinks he can make something special with this idea. Would you live in one of these homes?

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Want To Get Hired? Move To North Carolina!

North Carolina won’t stop growing! More and more businesses are moving to NC and expanding in NC. We are creating more jobs than ever and quality of life is continuing to rise. Improving roads, increasing public worker pay, increasing school budgets, cutting college tuition costs, and providing a healthy environment for businesses to expand and continue to hire so we can continue to decrease our unemployment rate. Good job NC, keep up the good work.

If you want a list of the many companies moving to NC or expanding in NC and the numbers for each, follow the link below.



Get In Line! It’s Time To Buy!

Get in line folks! Our website traffic for our current listings hit over 4600 unique views in July, that’s over 380 unique views PER PROPERTY! The housing market is strong in our area and you don’t want to be the at the back of the traffic. Take a minute to come check out some of the listings and make sure you aren’t missing out on an opportunity to take advantage of the market.



Great Outdoor Feature!

This is an awesome idea to make a natural and eco-friendly lap and wade pool! If you love creative outdoor concepts or DIY projects, then check out this awesome backyard build.



Smart Homes Are Coming!

Convenience is becoming more and more of a priority for Americans in this day and age. Smart homes used to be a thing for the movies and were a novelty in real life, mainly due to the cost. Now, the cost for these kind of luxuries are actually a lot more affordable than you might think. For a few hundred dollars or less, you can have your own smart home devices. While this might be a new trend, this article talks about how it will soon be an expected amenity in all homes, even older homes.



First-Time Buyers Are Back

We posted up an article a few days ago about how millennials are moving to more suburban areas. That post helps to explain what is going on here. The millennial generation has been having to rent or stay with family due to lower income and poor economy, but now that things are starting to pick back up those people are looking to move out and are looking to purchase.



Millennials are transforming the suburbs.

With cities expanding and cost of housing moving upwards, many millennials are beginning to move towards the suburbs for more affordable housing. This generation moving to the suburbs is contributing to some huge changes in what we have classically known suburbs as. The suburban environment is beginning a shift toward mini-cities rather than traditional suburbs, due to the desire of homeowners to have bike lanes, greenways, entertainment, food, bars, and parks all within a short distance. Researchers have discovered that this new generation desires to drive less and have a more active and busy community that provides amenities normally associated with larger cities.

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Pokemon is too much fun to worry about being safe!

Many of you might have seen posts and advertisements for “Pokemon Go.” This is not just a game some high schoolers are playing, but is being played by all ages everywhere and is bringing people together to have fun and find Pokemon. While this is true, some places are issuing warnings like “Pikachu is not worth it!” by Morrisville NC telling residents to focus on the road while driving and not playing the addicting game.
While you are out playing with friends, just make sure you and those around you are playing in an appropriate and safe way.



Looking for something to do? Look no further!

If you are looking for an awesome experience and fun entertainment then you have to check out one of the most popular summer concert venues, Walnut Creek. They have a country summer concert tour, but they also have much more than that. upcoming concerts also include the Dixie Chicks, Def Leppard, and REO Speedwagon. If you are looking for a fun event to take your significant other to or maybe just a fun night out with friends, then Walnut Creek needs to be on your short list!



Existing Home Sales Skyrocketing!

With increasing home values and a growing availability to entertainment and food, Raleigh area homeowners are choosing to update rather than upgrade. As people are becoming more financially stable and the economy in North Carolina, specifically Raleigh, continues to grow we expect to see a desire to sell a current place of living in order to upgrade to a newer and more modern style home. The difference is that while the economy is growing and home values are rising, the access and convenience of being close to shops, restaurants, entertainment, movies, and sports is becoming more of a priority than a larger, newer home. What most folks are doing is making the decision to perfect or renovate their existing home. So instead of putting money into purchasing a newer house, many are expanding their existing homes, adding pools, gardens, porches, driveways, home theaters, etc. If you are one of those people looking for renovation ideas check out our pinterest for hundreds of ideas to personalize your home the way you want it, even if you are on a budget.